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I fully believe in the spread of the gospel and I've dedicated every aspect of my life to ensure that God is glorified and the message of Jesus is shared to as many people as possible. 


To this day I have continued to support other ministries while investing a large portion of my personal income into funding the gospel through my gifting. My heart is, and always will be, to penetrate the heart of every listener with the message of the cross.  


If you believe in the ministry God has called me to & wish to partner with us by donating, please know that every dollar goes directly into funding this ministry and assisting with the many expenses involved in creating Godly content at a level that reflects the excellence of our Heavenly Father.

For those who have partnered with us, we can not thank you enough for enabling us to live out our God-given purposes and make an impact on this generation. For those who wish to partner with us monetarily but are simply not in a position to, please partner with us in prayer. Your prayers are far more valuable than any dollar amount. From heaven, God can hear and do more than we can imagine to help us further the gospel.

With love,

J. Monty

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